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Debrah DeLoney-Deans

Marriage and Family Therapist.



Individual therapy is designed to help reconnect you with the most important person in your life...YOU!  Explore your identity, confront life's challenges, resolve inner conflict and reconnect with your authentic self.



Relationship counseling, aka couples therapy, is designed to equip couples of all types with anger management, problem solving  and conflict resolution skills to address issues and improve relationships.  



Family therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including marital problems, in-law issues, parent-child conflict, problems between siblings or the effects of illness on the family.



Group therapy is often designed to target a specific problem, such as obesity or depression and can be an ideal choice for people who want to make positive changes in life.



Self-care & support is essential for you to be effective in your work with others!  I'll help you to create a self-care plan that comfortably fits into your life and your schedule.

Therapy Sessions
About me

Greetings and welcome to my website.  My name is Debrah DeLoney-Deans and I am the owner and primary clinician at Debrah Deans Therapy, LLC.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 13 years of experience providing client/person centered counseling and psychotherapy.  My office is conveniently located in downtown Sacramento, which has metered parking and easy access to public transportation. I love the work I do with clients and I specialize in holistic psychotherapy, which treats the whole
person—mind, body, soul.

My Approach

With all of the personal and professional demands on our time and emotional energy, maintaining balance, healthy habits and a positive attitude can become increasingly more difficult over time. Whether it is a relationship issue, struggle with self-acceptance, grief and loss, or a recent setback, we all face moments where we feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to move forward. Being continually overwhelmed or stressed out can have a negative impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health, contributing to poor sleep, emotional fatigue, increased irritability, and poor decision making. If you want to restore balance in your life, experience more joy, personal fulfillment and inner peace or improve your relationship with self and others, you are in the right place.


Getting Help

I treat a wide range of emotional and behavioral conditions in a warm and supportive atmosphere.  I am practical in my approach and integrate various theoretical modalities into my work with clients.  I take pride in tailoring my approach to each client's individual strengths and needs to help them achieve the personal growth and change they desire.




Self Esteem




Anger Management



Your new life can begin today!

If you are ready to take the first step towards healing, please give me a call or email me today for a free consultation.

Since working with Debrah, I have seen areas of my life grow in ways that I didn’t know they could. Like many people, I had been in therapy at different periods in life, but I was starting to feel like I wasn’t going to find the right fit. Then, I discovered Debrah.  A year later and I’m still working with her because she’s been that effective in helping me navigate the ebbs and flows of life. She is caring, joyful, assertive and empowering — and she has the unique ability to connect the dots with her clients early on so she can support in the most effective way possible to benefit you.
Everyone needs Debrah in their corner.


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